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Every other year, the Lake Forest Auxiliary chapter of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago selects a GRAND, HISTORIC PROPERTY in the Lake Forest, Illinois area to be the site of our Showhouse & Gardens. We have been doing this since 1985 and as the event has grown in status through the years, we are now able to choose from an EXCLUSIVE pool of homeowner applicants.

Frank Ponterio Interior Design

2009 Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens


Larry Boeder Interior Design

2007 Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens

Master Bedroom

The Infant Welfare Society of Chicago has 16 auxiliary chapters whose primary functions are to raise funds and provide volunteer services to support the clinic.

FOR 32 YEARS, the Lake Forest chapter, founded in 1926, has hosted a nationally recognized designer Showhouse & Gardens. It is one of the largest fund raising events associated with the Chicago clinic and over the years we are proud to have raised MORE THAN $4 MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from this prestigious event.

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